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Springtime is a season of love. It’s symbolic of change and new beginnings, so it’s no wonder that many couples choose to say “I do” at this time of year. 

But planning a spring wedding, just like any other wedding, generally takes time and quite a bit of work. In fact, it can take an entire year to plan the occasion, depending on the location, size, and scope.  

Fortunately, you can save a little bit of time (and stress!) by hiring different services, such as wedding planners, attendants, and caterers. (That’s where we come in!) In this blog, we’ll share why it’s important to add catering to your list of to-dos before the big day and what exactly that looks like. Let’s get to it. 

why catering is a must for your pre-wedding checklist

Wedding caterers are a must-have when it comes to weddings. Catering is convenient, and it alleviates the stressful burden of the preparation, presentation, and cleanup of meals for you and your guests. 

While every caterer may offer different services, there’s no doubt that hiring a caterer should be on your pre-wedding checklist. 

what should you verify with the caterer before your big day?

Here are seven things you should always talk to your caterer about before getting married:

#1: budget

Weddings can quickly become expensive, especially if you don’t have a detailed budget. In 2020, most weddings cost about $19,000. A big part of wedding planning is discussing your catering budget with your catering service, just as you would with any other wedding vendor.

#2: availability

You should always verify your caterer’s availability ahead of time to ensure that everything goes as planned. Additionally, aim to book services as soon as possible, as vendors generally book fast. If you’re planning a 2022 wedding, now’s the time to get started. 

#3: menu

The menu will likely be one of the first things you discuss with your caterer. This includes meal preferences, dietary accommodations, and of course, the meal style. For example, are you interested in a buffet-type catering service where guests can help themselves, or do you prefer plated meals or family-style meals? (Either way, Mundo Catering has you covered!)

Menu for wedding in Portland

#4: allergy accommodations 

Determine if any of your guests have allergies that need to be accommodated as soon as possible. Then, discuss the allergy accommodations with your caterer. Food-based allergies can be very serious, and accommodations ensure the inclusion and safety of your guests. 

#5: space requirements

Catering can take up a lot of space, especially if you prefer a buffet-style meal. Verifying space requirements with your caterer can help you avoid any unexpected issues on your big day and ensure that there is plenty of room for everyone. 

#6: headcount

You’ll want to make sure that there is enough food for all of your guests. You’ll need a total headcount or at least a rough estimate to do that. Once you know your headcount, be sure to let your caterer know. 

#7: and more! 

Other factors you should check with your caterer about include the time it takes to set up and clean everything up, whether food will be made on-site or brought in, portion sizes, and how leftovers are handled. 

Catering for a Portland wedding

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