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Our Favorite 2021 Spring Wedding Trends | Portland, OR

Spring is finally here! Wedding season is in full swing now and so are the trends. Now that cities and states across the country are cautiously lifting COVID-19 restrictions, anxious brides and grooms everywhere are finally able to live out the weddings of their dreams. The trends this year supersede years past for so many reasons. After an unexpected, extra year of wedding planning for our Spring 2021 couples, you can guarantee that these trends are truly spectacular.

We couldn’t be happier to see the world open up again. 2021 is bound to be one of the best event seasons in years! We can’t wait to serve you and your guests at your next wedding, corporate party, or film set. To get your name on our list for the 2021 season, contact our team in Portland here: (971) 302-504.

Now, let’s dive into the top 7 Spring wedding trends you are sure to see in 2021!

1. A COVID Friendly Welcome Gift

“Don’t forget your mask!” Well, with this welcome gift, your guests won’t have to worry. Pack hand sanitizer, masks, venue instructions/restrictions, and other COVID-care items into little boxes or bags as an extra thoughtful welcome gift. You will have peace of mind knowing everyone has a mask on hand and essentials. You can be as elaborate or simple as you want as you decorate the welcome boxes. In this case, it is the thought (and mask-wearing) that counts!

2. Mirco-Weddings

If there are any positives to come from COVID-19, it is the normalization of smaller, “micro-weddings”. Micro-weddings are typically smaller in size, are either formal or informal, traditional or modern. They encompass the personal details of the couple and allow for the celebration to center around quality time between the couple and the guests. Long gone is the pressure to invite every individual you’ve ever met to your wedding. With a micro-wedding, you know the names and histories of every guest — and you actually have the time and space to chat with each one on your big day.

Wedding couple at spring ceremony

3. 2nd Weddings

Don’t be surprised if you receive an invitation to attend a 2021 wedding you weren’t able to attend the first time due to COVID. No, there hasn’t been a mixup in the mail or the matrix — second weddings are a major trend in 2021.

For some couples, an unexpectedly small wedding or elopement was just one piece of their wedding puzzle. Understandably, many couples are getting married (again) in 2021 to make up for their smaller, 2020 wedding. In any other time and place, a second wedding so soon may seem ludicrous. But given 2020 is finally in our rearview, we say, throw the second wedding!

Outdoor ceremony setup for wedding

4. Living Room Decor

Cozy chic is IN this season. Think plush, oversized pillows, couches, and antique ]aesthetics that add a creative and comfortable touch. Wedding decor has changed considerably from decade to decade, but this is one trend we hope sticks. Comfortable seating for guests is a major plus, along with the laidback, elegant ambiance created instantly from timeless and unique furniture. Your guests are sure to feel right at home.

5. Fresh Air Activities

With the rise of nontraditional ceremonies and outdoor weddings, you can count on engaging in some fresh air activities this wedding season. Cocktail hour will likely be outdoors or on a patio, and after-party events are sure to include outdoor games, dancing, and other activities under the stars. We’ve all been cooped up inside for a year — it’s time to celebrate in the great outdoors!

Couple dressed up for spring wedding

6. Tents + Twinkle Lights

As you enjoy outdoor activities, except to enjoy tents and twinkle lights, too. This match made in heaven turns any outdoor space into a truly magical one. Nature, combined with the ambient glow of soft twinkle lights and festive tents makes us swoon for outdoor weddings all over again.

7. Heaping Doses of Humor

Whether you find it in wedding invites, table decorations, or reception speeches, an abundance of laughter is our favorite trend this season. As personal as 2021 weddings are going to be, they are bound to include moments of genuine joy that help wash away the tough times of the past year. With every toast, cake tasting, and first dance, we wish each 2021 couple joy on their wedding day that will last a lifetime.

Spring 2021 wedding dresses hanging in shop

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