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In Oregon alone, roughly 407,840 individuals are going hungry, with 114,460 of those individuals being kids. That comes to about 1 in 10 people and 1 in 8 children.

It hurts us to throw away food, especially knowing how many people suffer from hunger.

That’s why anytime Mundo Catering can find a way to donate its leftovers, we make it happen.

Myself, Chef Sarah, and Chef Javier, the owners of Mundo Catering, are grateful to be in a position of food security and appreciate the opportunity to pay our good fortune forward.

In case you didn’t know, we work with the donation program Urban Gleaners, based here in Portland. According to their website, this organization gives food to more than 8,000 individuals weekly via summer free farmers markets, Mobile Markets, and school pantries. That helps support the people who need it most here in our area.

So, what inspired us to donate our leftovers?

First, there are the hundreds of thousands of people facing food insecurity. In addition, I was raised by a mother who was “green” before green was a thing. My family washed, sorted, and separated all recyclable items, as well as composted, reused aluminum foil and plastic bags, bought everything second-hand, and more.

Food was always used, never thrown away. My family had a leftover night once a week where we would clean out the refrigerator and heat up all the leftovers. While we didn’t love it, that lifestyle made an impression on me, and recycling and composting are now second nature.

These ingrained habits of waste reduction have followed me into adulthood. When I see food that isn’t going to be enjoyed, food that didn’t even make it to the line, I want it to feed those who need it. That’s why Chef Javier and I have chosen Urban Gleaners, to which we can donate these leftovers.

It requires a good amount of training and buy-in from our employees, but it is important to us, so it’s worth it. After all, there are people out there who need it, and if we can help, we’re going to do just that.

We make sure to safely cool any items meant for donation, and wrap and hold them until Urban Gleaners picks them up. If an item isn’t safe for donation, we compost, which we have been so excited about since this option became available in Clackamas County!


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