Weddings require a number of people to work together and make the perfect day a reality. The people involved in a wedding often include the bride and groom, their family and bridal party, and any number of vendors providing services from equipment rentals, venue, catering, photography, wedding planning, and more.

Finding the perfect vendor in any field can be difficult. But discovering the right vendor that will help your big day go off without a hitch can be very stressful. Many couples feel that this one big day is their only chance to get it right – and that can put a lot of pressure on the nearly-weds.

Resources for Finding the Perfect Vendor

Before you can ask a vendor questions and discover if they are right for you – you have to explore the different available options. We recommend doing some research on review websites like, talking to newly-wed friends about their favorite vendors, and visiting bridal shows.

Make a shortlist of a. Which vendors you need and b. Which vendors you’ve encountered that fit this need.

Now you can do some more research into each vendor and discover which is right for you. Below are questions to ask any potential wedding vendor.

What to Ask a Potential Wedding Vendor

Finding the right vendor for your wedding doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing. If you follow the rules below, you are likely to pick the right vendor without too much trouble:

1. Discover what they have to offer.

Take a look at everything the vendor has to offer and make sure these offerings fit with your needs. If you have a need that the vendor does not fulfill, compare their services with others in the same industry and ensure that your expectations match the industry standard.

2. Get the pricing up front and in writing.

Once you have found a vendor that fits your needs, talk to the vendor about their pricing and ask about any additional fees associated with their services. After the conversation, email the vendor to ensure you have the pricing correct.

3. Sample their wares.

If the vendor fits your needs and budget, set up a time to visit and see what they have to offer. This is important in catering and cake-making, but may also be necessary when paying for rentals or talking with a DJ.

4. Review the contract.

Now that you feel confident in the vendor, it’s time to get a contract and review it. This contract should have all of the pricing information noted and should define precisely what service or product they will provide you – including how it will be delivered.

5. Stay connected.

Once you’ve signed a contract, it’s always a good idea to connect with your vendor a couple of months and then one week before your wedding, just to make sure everything is on schedule and running smoothly.

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