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The Ultimate Catering Budget Guide | Portland, OR

Often catering costs are the biggest part of the budget for any event. However, food is one of the most memorable parts of a wedding or other get-together. Getting the most of your catering budget may involve cutting catering costs.

In this article, we’re sharing our top tips for reducing your catering costs as much as possible, without sacrificing your vision or quality. Follow the tips provided below and you are sure to save on your catering costs for your wedding, business get-together, or another gathering.

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Our Best Catering Budget Tips


1. Get all the info you need upfront

Our company provides a detailed breakdown of costs so you can know exactly what you are spending on food, and what the service will cost you. Additionally, we make sure everything is included – from gratuities to food costs – so you can ask questions before your event occurs.

2. Get Creative with the Menu

In Portland, you can go for a vegan menu or eat breakfast for dinner. An expensive meal like salmon or steak may be out of your price range. Instead, choose foods that mean something to you or may be more enjoyable for your guests.

Depending on the schedule of your wedding day, you may consider serving lunch or brunch, rather than dinner. These dishes are often served in smaller portions, which further reduces catering and bar costs. Guests are also likely to drink less, which reduces the bar bill. This is a good option even if you want to serve more elaborate meals.

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3. Offer Fewer Options

A more extensive menu will result in a higher caterer’s bill. Offering two primary options, such as chicken and fish, is a better idea. If guests speak up in advance about dietary restrictions, be prepared to offer a suitable meal. Mundo accommodates any and all dietary restrictions, so let us know beforehand if you will require dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan substitutions.

You may even get away with just one entry selection, except for those who have dietary restrictions. A good caterer may offer one option that will please everyone, even meat-eaters.

4. Stick to 3 Courses — Max!

After the appetizers from the cocktail hour, the main course and dessert should be enough to satisfy your guests. The more courses you offer, the more the catering budget will go up — especially if each course has multiple options.

You can skip the salad course during dinner if you serve it during cocktail hour. Or, you can impress your guests with a fancier salad even if your main course is less expensive.

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5. Consider the Serving Method

Cut your catering costs by serving appetizers on tables rather than passed hors d’oeuvres. This will cut down on the number of servers who will likely be needed during cocktail hour.

6. Ask Your Caterer for Ideas

It can be difficult to discuss money issues with your caterer, but if you provide us with your financial situation we can suggest concepts that might work well for your event and that also stay within your budget.

7. Skip the Elaborate Cake

It is becoming more and more common for couples to opt for a small, decorated cake, rather than an over-the-top display. For guests, the couple will have sliced sheet cake, cupcakes, or a self-serve dessert bar.

On a budget, elaborately decorated cakes can break the bank. When choosing a cake, stick to more common flavors and fillings. In addition, avoid fondant for the cake. With a dessert buffet, use bite-sized desserts as opposed to full-size desserts. More people prefer a taste rather than a full dessert anyway.

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