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How to Host Safe Events During the Holiday Season | Portland, OR

Multnomah County in Oregon is still under Phase 1 restrictions due to COVID-19. Restaurants, bars, and other establishments have had to adapt with outdoor seating and other precautionary measures to keep customers safe.

With cooler weather and the holiday season quickly approaching, families will need to find creative ways to celebrate and stay connected. It is unreasonable to think that seeing your family is off-limits during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and throughout December. While you may not be able to celebrate the same way you have in years prior, there are creative ways to enjoy the holiday season in 2020 while keeping your loved ones safe.

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Social-Distancing Ideas for Fall Parties


Take Celebrations Outdoors

If you want to get the family together, set up your outdoor patio or deck space to accommodate colder weather. Outdoor heaters, fire pits, and other heat sources can make the outdoors quite cozy and comfortable. There are some days, even in the middle of an Oregon winter, that are warmer and dryer than others. Plan out a weekend that gives you the best chance for nicer weather and get your loved ones together for a socially distant, outdoor celebration.

Use FaceTime and Other Apps

Many of the same activities you enjoy during the holidays in person can be done over FaceTime or other video apps. Even though it is “not the same,” you can utilize technology to stay connected during the holidays and resume certain traditions or favorite pastimes.

With FaceTime or Zoom, you can get the whole family together to:

  • Watch holiday films
  • Cook meals
  • Open gifts
  • Sing songs or hymns
  • Read books or stories outloud

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    Get Out in Nature, Rain or Shine!

    If you have lived in the PNW long enough, you know rain simply comes with the territory. If you have let the weather stop you in the past from spending time outdoors, it may be time to drop your resistance this year. Investing in a solid raincoat, boots, and other rain gear can open up your options. Take the family on a hike or play outdoors. Rain or shine, there is a LOT to do in Oregon, thanks to the beaches, mountains, and nearly every terrain in between. If you don’t already love the rain, now is the time to learn to enjoy it.

    Deliver Gifts instead of Mailing Them

    If you live close to family members, even within a couple of hours, it may be worth it to take a road trip to deliver gifts, rather than mail them. You can safely deliver packages in-person to your loved ones. Connecting in this way will help make the holidays more memorable when the distance may seem overwhelming.


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    Assess the Risk of Indoor Gatherings

    In the Phase 1 restrictions, indoor gatherings are limited to 10 or fewer people. One of the most important things to keep in mind during COVID-19 is when and how to take calculated precautions for the sake of your relationships and mental health. It is wholly unreasonable to not be around your family, especially during the holidays. If you can safely gather some friends and family inside of your home, make sure everyone wears masks and maintains social distancing. Be sure to weigh the risks and be honest with yourself about your comfort level with doing so. You and your guests may even consider obtaining a COVID-19 test prior to a holiday party as an extra precaution.

    Keep Vulnerable Family Members Involved — but Safe

    If you have aging or immunocompromised family members that are unable to see you in person, be sure to find ways to keep them involved. FaceTime, photos, special deliveries, and other ideas can help these family members feel connected while also staying safe. Consider having food delivered as a surprise or bringing them a care package of some of their favorite treats so they know they are loved and appreciated.


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