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In 1997, the state of Oregon officially enacted the Death with Dignity Act.

According to the Oregon Health Authority, this mandate “allows terminally-ill Oregonians to end their lives through voluntary self-administration of lethal medications, expressly prescribed by a physician for that purpose.”

Since its inception, the Act has sparked discussions about what it means to take one’s own life — and death — into their own hands. Passionate debates are ongoing about where the line between quality of life ends and unnecessary suffering begins. Ultimately, an Act like this has forced us to face the question — what it means to live AND die well?

The polarizing and controversial Death with Dignity Act is addressed head-on in a touching and heartbreaking new film titled Here Awhile. We were on set to assist with catering throughout the duration of filming right here in Portland, Oregon.

Participating on the set of a film that arguably touches all of us on some level, was a great experience.

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Here Awhile – Igniting Discussions, Sparking Change

In Here Awhile, Anna (played by Anna Camp) returns to Portland, Oregon after a 15-year absence to reunite with her estranged brother (Steven Strait). Their happy reunion soon turns serious when Anna explains to him that she is in Oregon for a purpose — to end her life.

According to the film’s website, the writers and producers aim to spark and inspire meaningful discussions:

We intend to ignite conversation on some of the nation‘s most divisive social issues. Telling a compelling story that sparks a dialog is one of the most effective forms of social change and this film will stay with you long after you meet the characters. Here Awhile Website

Anna’s journey depicts the responses, emotions, and decisions faced by real people in her fictional position. With honesty, transparency, and a whole lot of vulnerability, a single character serves as a voice for many.

Behind-the-Scenes of Here Awhile

Anna Camp, the main actress in the film, is known for roles such as Jolene French in The Help and Aubrey in Pitch Perfect. She has also appeared in numerous primetime TV shows, including Unbreakable Kelly Schmidt and The Good Wife.

Her response to starring in the film was filled with praise for the raw writing she had to work with:

“What I love the most is a very complex character whether I’m doing something crazy and off-the-wall like in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or True Blood, or doing something very real and grounded and difficult like I did in Here Awhile. So good writing is key for me to really enjoy acting.” -@therealannacamp for @compassionandchoices magazine

One of the most interesting facts about this film is where its name originated. According to a blog entry on the Here Awhile official website, the name is inspired by a line in the film. In one particular scene, Anna recites a line from a poem that goes like this:

If I should die and leave you here awhile be not like others sore undone…

According to the production crew, the phrase “here awhile” captures the essence of the film, as well as the fragility and briefness of our lives. Other movie titles in the running included Princess of Mess, Fly on Home, Personal Choice, and a close runner-up – One Move Left.

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When & Where Can I Watch Here Awhile?

We are so grateful to the production team and talented crew members that worked to make this production possible. We hope you will check out the film once it is released. No matter where you stand on issues related to Dying with Dignity, Here Awhile is a must-see for all.

Here Awhile is scheduled for release on all major streaming platforms on June 9th.

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For more information about Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, click HERE.

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