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A New Normal for Caterers & Restaurants

By now, “the new normal” is the slogan of the year. 2020 has been rife with challenges for every industry during the Coronavirus pandemic. Small businesses have to adapt to new conditions, social-distancing guidelines, mask-wearing, and enhanced sanitization procedures.

The catering and restaurant industries, more so than most, have had particular challenges that supersede most other businesses. Since large gatherings are off-limits and most restaurants operate at 50% capacity or less, restaurant owners and caterers feel the pressure.

Adapting to changing or unpredictable conditions is inevitable for any business. The inherent risks of starting and operating a company, even when a global pandemic is not in full swing.

COVID-19 has forced businesses to get creative. With no end in sight to the pandemic in the foreseeable future, adjusting and revising how one operates their business is imperative.

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The Rise of Socially Distanced Weddings

One of the most notable changes for caterers, in particular, has been the restriction of large weddings, ceremonies, and other related events. Most weddings have nearly 150 people or more, giving caters the chance to serve a large group of people with a large price tag attached to it. Since March, caterers and wedding parties alike have had to adjust their expectations, serving much smaller crowds at outdoor and secluded venues.

#PostponeDontCancel is a popular hashtag that has been circulating among caterers on social media. Even if one postpones their wedding, the need for catering and other services will still be there. Sending this message has been a relief for those who may have had their wedding plans derailed for the time being.

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COVID-19 & Catering: How Business Can Adapt

Caterers and restaurants can generate income by reworking current services to meet the new health and safety standards. Here are some of the ways caterers, in particular, can adapt to the current COVID-19 pandemic:

Diversify Services

Caterers typically have access to a large kitchen due to the diverse menu items they prepare regularly. Providing temporary menus to the general public for take-out and contactless delivery can help fill the gaps that remain from missing larger events and weddings.

By investing in online services and resources, such as blogs, social media, and podcasts, catering companies can keep their websites and content as up-to-date as possible.

Schedule for the 2021 Season

It is wise for caterers to reassure current and future clients that their wedding will take place eventually. In line with the spirit of #PostponeDontCancel, caterers can reschedule and move dates forward a year or so. Flexible scheduling gives clients peace of mind and something to look forward to. As many opt to elope or have small ceremonies, caterers need to still plan out the future with these couples when they eventually throw a larger wedding or celebration.

Instill Confidence in Customers

At every turn, it is important to show clients the support they need. If companies elect to provide take-out, contactless delivery, sanitization procedures, and other measures need to be obvious. Sending out newsletters detailing what safety measures are being taken or attaching a ‘best practices’ notice to take-out items will instill a sense of confidence.

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What’s Next for Catering?

Ultimately, no one can predict how long we will live with the Coronavirus. As with other viruses and illnesses, we may need to adapt permanently. Life moves on, for better or for worse. As we enter a new season of 2020, there is no doubt that businesses will continue to employ creative, flexible, and safe ways to offer their services.

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