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Top 2020 Food Trends

In 2020, school, work, and every other facet of our lives flipped upside down — or, at least, moved online.

Our meals and food preparation changed, too. Restaurants have also adapted by incorporating outdoor dining and delivery into their business models. In this article, we’re reviewing the biggest changes we’ve seen this year in the food industry.

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On-street Outdoor Dining

Food Trends: Restaurants

Contactless Delivery

Contactless delivery has become the norm to help keep customers and workers safe. Fast food restaurants, pizza delivery, take out — you name it, and they likely offer contactless options for getting your food right to your doorstep. Safety, creativity, and convenience merge with this new spin on food delivery.

Outdoor Dining

One of the best ways restaurants have been keeping patrons safe while they dine is through outdoor dining. With a little distance between fellow diners, along with some fresh air, families can enjoy a night out while staying safe.


COVID-19 or not, you may have noticed how many restaurants now rely on technology. Online orders make the ordering process more efficient, portable card readers streamline transactions, and you’re also likely to find your favorite restaurant posting frequently on their social media page.

Food ordering application

Food Trends: At Home

Meal Prepping

Meal prepping EXPLODED in 2020. Although this trend has been around in the health and fitness communities for some time, meal prepping became a household trend this year. Perhaps this predictable routine brought solace to many stuck at home, or new motivation to those trying to stay healthy during quarantine. The resources and prep ideas for this trend are endless.

Baking Bread

During quarantine, an old past time came back to the kitchen. For a while there, it seemed as though yeast and flour were in short or limited supply nearly everywhere. Bread making was big this year, as families across the country enjoyed a little extra time at home to give this hobby from yesteryear the love and attention it deserves.

Sparkling Water & Seltzer

White Claw became a needed necessity for households confined to their backyards. For the underaged folk, sparkling water likely isn’t far from reach. These refreshing drinks made their way onto the routine shopping lists for most Americans this season. A hot summer spent quarantined called for a hearty supply of adult drinks and sparkling water.


Meatless products have made their way into every mainstream grocery store across the country. Access to new products has made it easy for families to participate in “meatless Mondays” and add flexibility to their diets by cutting back on meat products without missing out on flavor.

Grocery Pick-Up & Delivery

Grocery shopping looks a little different in 2020. As many of us continue to quarantine, grocery pick-up and delivery has become a part of our everyday routines. Grocery pick-up orders often need to be scheduled days, if not weeks, in advance due to the influx of popularity.

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