Holiday parties might be out this year due to COVID, but employee appreciation is always in.  Here, we’ll share a few fun ways to thank your team for all their hard work this season (social distancing approved). We hope this gives you some inspiration.

best covid-friendly ideas for employee appreciation

If you want to show your employees that they are valued, try one of the ideas below. Not only are they COVID friendly, but they’re also fun and thoughtful. 

#1: edible gifts

Barbara Johnson once said, “A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.” We have two things to say about this: (1) we agree, and (2) is it just us, or did the mere thought of a cookie make you smile? 

We believe there truly is no better way to say thank you than with an edible gift, such as a delivery of chocolate chip cookies, fudge, edible arrangements, or another scrumptious treat. We might be a little biased, but most employees would likely be happy to find food waiting for them as their end-of-year holiday gift. 

#2: zoom raffle

We’ll admit: this one might take a bit of planning. You’ll want to think of an item to raffle off, which could be anything from movie tickets to kitchenware. 

Then, you’ll need to give your employees raffle tickets or a number of some kind so that you can draw live on Zoom and select a winner. If you want to get extra creative, you could raffle off extra vacation time (something that’s sure to get your team involved). 

#3: food delivery

As we mentioned above, food is everything. If you really want to make your employees’ day, have food delivered to their home or to the office–depending on whether they are remote. In Portland, we have tons of food delivery options. 

One of our personal favorites is Just a Dash Kitchen, a local company in Beaverton that offers beautiful and delicious charcuterie boards/boxes, desserts, and cakes. Contact them here.

#4: half-day fridays

If everyone is caught up on work, have your employees switch who takes Friday off for a month. You could also have everyone take a half-day one Friday, but we realize this isn’t always feasible. 

One thing is for sure, though: this kind gesture will likely be just what the team needed to feel appreciated. If there’s anything that boosts morale, it’s acknowledging employees for how hard they work, and this is a simple way to let them know that you see what they’ve been doing and that they deserve a break.

#5: gift card

As always, a gift card is a simple way to give employees a pat on the back. You can provide them with a physical gift card or send one via email. Some good ideas for gift cards include coffee and restaurants. 

As your team members go to these places outside of work, they’ll love knowing that the bill is covered, which means less stress for them. 

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If you’re looking for another way to thank your employees, Mundo Catering is happy to serve you. We offer a large, customizable menu that caters to various dietary needs. From vegan to vegetarian or gluten free, you’re sure to find something for everyone.

The holidays are fast approaching. Don’t forget to thank your employees with a special something this season that shows you care.

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