Catering for this movie was a truly wild experience. It required travel to far-flung areas all across Oregon, feeding cast and crew in very challenging locations. Brandi was the Mundo Catering employee heading up the catering for the movie Wild, and she did a fantastic job of creating and coordinating the delivery of fabulous meals over a 6-month stretch.

The cast and crew of this production needed nourishing food because filming Wild was a physically challenging task. Fortunately, Brandi was able to make it happen, battling everything from blowouts to snow.

We certainly had a variety of terrains and unique challenges to deal with. For example, we had to use ski lifts to transport warmers of food up a mountain – with people up top waiting to catch them! On another occasion, we strapped the warmers to four-wheelers and brought them over sand dunes.

Every day is an adventure when you’re catering on location!

On the last day of the shoot, we created a feast of lobster tails and filet mignon. It was incredibly satisfying to provide an over-the-top meal after all of the challenges the cast, the crew, and our team overcame.

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