We had so much fun catering for the Cate Blanchett movie “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” The Mundo Catering team is used to catering under all kinds of conditions – from up a snow-covered mountain to out in the middle of the desert. In the case of this movie, we worked in a surprisingly challenging area: the base of the Space Needle.

Being in the middle of Seattle may not sound challenging, but doing film catering next to the most iconic landmark in the city – that was closed – certainly created some grumpy tourists. Fortunately, the filming at this beautiful spot didn’t take too long, and we had a great time catering to cast and crew as they moved to other locations throughout this beautiful city.

There were many fun moments throughout our catering experience. Probably the funniest was when a cast member asked Javier for breakfast after the kitchen had closed. He said “no” without recognizing that this particular actor was rather famous. Fortunately, he cooked an amazing filet mignon, and the actor forgave him. In fact, the filet mignon and shrimp that we served were a crew favorite.

We had so much fun catering for this delightful film and we can’t wait to see it in theaters!

If you are looking for a fabulous catering company that will serve you a delightful menu no matter the obstacle, contact Mundo Catering! We can’t wait to serve you.