We recently wrapped catering for the Staties TV pilot for fourteen days! Our team got to travel all over the beautiful Pacific Northwest through spring, from Manzanita to our hometown in Portland, out to Silver Falls and Columbia City.

It was a challenge for our team to serve two meals a day to over 200 cast and crew while battling the ever-changing spring weather. One day the wind and rain almost tore off our canopies, while the next day the sun came out and cool breezes kept temperatures utterly perfect.

With all of the chilly weather, the cast and crew wanted plenty of spice to keep them warm throughout filming. Our Asian themed menu was especially popular, including mahi-mahi with ginger and garlic, green curry chicken, beef broccoli, rice noodles with tofu and vegetables, steamed cabbage and carrots and jasmine rice. We went through a lot of chili-garlic sauce that day!

Working with the Staties team during filming was fantastic. We met wonderful people and had a blast cooking for them! If you need catering services for your tv show, movie, or pilot, contact Mundo Catering.