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Top 8 Traits of the Best Food Caterers | Portland, OR

If you’re looking for a food caterer in Portland for 2021, Mundo Catering is your go-to choice! We have the ideal combination of personality and professionalism to ensure your wedding or event goes off without a hitch — at least in terms of the food, that is.

There are 8 essential traits that every great food caterer must have. In this month’s article, we’re detailing why you need to make sure your next caterer has these 8 traits. We strive to exceed client expectations at every turn and hold these traits close to our hearts. If you are in the Portland area and looking for a caterer, give us a call! If you are outside of Oregon and looking for a caterer in your area, make sure they have the essential traits described below!

1 – Good Food

First and foremost, the food menu from your caterer should be out of this world! Catering is intended to be personal to the wedding couple or event, and your caterer should not only make delicious food, but food that suits your preferences, style, and any allergies or dietary restrictions.

2 – Attention to Safety Protocols

In addition to COVID-19 protocols and restrictions, food safety should always be at the forefront of any caterers mind. Proper temperature control, storage, and cleanliness should be observed at all times.

3 – Excellent Customer Service

Communication, respect, attentive listening, and compassion are just some of the tenants of excellent customer service. Your caterer needs to be willing to listen closely to your wants and needs, communicate with you often, and respect your concerns and wishes.

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4 – Creativity

Creativity is necessary for every successful business — especially caterers. Food is a staple of expression for weddings, get-togethers, and other events. Without creativity, your food displays and menu will feel uninspired or uninteresting. The right caterer will incorporate creative displays and meals for any event, making the food a uniquely inspired staple that guests are sure to remember.

5 – Flexibility

Things don’t always go according to plan — especially when it comes to big life events like weddings. Even when things are out of your control, your caterer should have the flexibility to adapt to challenges as they arise. Since no event is perfect, your caterer should be on their toes and ready to adjust plans as necessary when needed.

6 – Enthusiasm

It is always better to work with a caterer who is passionate and enthusiastic about your event. If you suspect your caterer is lackluster or apathetic about your wants, it is time to find a new caterer. You should be feeling confident and excited about your catered event after communicating with your caterer, rather than unheard or unimportant.

7 – Time Management Skills

Even when you know things may not go according to plan, sticking to a schedule is the best way to increase the chances that your event will be a success. Your caterer needs to honor and abide by any set schedules, especially if timing or a lot of moving parts are involved. If you notice that your caterer is routinely late for meetings, doesn’t return your phone calls in a timely manner, or has poor time management skills in general, this will ultimately manifest itself during your event in the form of late meals, inadequate presentations, and general tardiness.

8 – Attention-to-Detail

Last but not least, your caterer needs to have exceptional attention-to-detail. Your menu may involve items that need to be vegan, gluten-free, or meet other dietary restrictions. The right caterer for your event will keep track of all these details and ensure no hiccups threaten the joy of your event.

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