The holidays are the most popular time to get engaged, and many couples who are engaged during that joyous time of year also wish to get married during those winter months. If you are planning a winter wedding for 2019 or 2020, we have some fun ideas for you to consider!

Challenges of a Winter Wedding

The colder months are beautiful and make us think of the holidays. However, any event put on during the wintertime faces its own challenges. Here are a few thoughts about the more common challenges couples face in the wintertime:

The cold

If you live here in the Pacific Northwest, winter will be cold and – likely – rainy. That means that outdoor events are a no-go, limiting the venues you can choose for your wedding.


The holidays may be the perfect time for a wedding, as your family gets together during this time anyway. Or, it may be an inconvenient time if you plan to have a large wedding with many, many guests. Depending on your guest’s plans, your list may be shortened as friends or extended families participate in their own traditions, family get-togethers, or travel plans.


While some venues may be more affordable over the winter months, prices of things like fresh flowers may rise as they may have to be ordered in from other states or countries.

All of these challenges can be tackled with excellent planning, plenty of notice to family and friends, and communication with those who are important to you.

Six Suggestions for Your Winter Wedding

Now that we have discussed the main difficulties you may face as a winter-time bride or groom; it’s time to take a look at fun suggestions you can use to make your winter wedding more beautiful than you could ever imagine. Here are our tips:

  1. Forgo flowers

More and more couples are already forgoing fresh flowers at their weddings, and are instead purchasing unique bouquets, boutineers, and corsages made of origami, buttons, feathers, and more. These are easier to store, have a fixed price no matter the time of year, and can be used as decoration or part of a child’s wedding in years to come.

  1. Celebrate your favorite seasonal decorations

Winter is filled with twinkle lights, silvery colors, pine boughs, and more. Take inspiration from your favorite seasonal decorations and incorporate them into your theme to create a magical event.

  1. Serve a hearty, warm meal

The biggest challenge faced by winter bridal couples is the cold. Combat this by choosing comforting, warm foods as hoer d’oerves and/or in the main course. You can even take the cozy theme further with a wintery custom cockatiel like a hot toddy or Irish coffee.

  1. Book early

If your wedding is around the holidays, it’s important to book your venue, caterer, wedding planner, officiant, photographer, DJ, etc. as early as possible. These professionals may get booked rapidly for other holiday parties and events, so it’s important that you get there first.

Note: If your wedding is not in the month of December and is later on in the winter, you may have an easier time booking vendors and venues.

  1. Consider the cold

It gets very cold here in the Pacific Northwest during winter. If you want to take photos outdoors or have any part of your venue outside, be sure to think about how to keep yourself and your guests warm and dry. You can do this by traditional means with umbrellas, jackets, heaters, etc. However, you can also take the cold as an opportunity to provide guests or bridal party members with unique, winter-themed gifts like monogrammed slippers or scarves, heat packs with your wedding hashtag on them, blankets, and more.

  1. Head to warmer climes

Take the opportunity of paid holidays to have a destination wedding! You may only be able to get close family to participate in the ceremony on location, but you can always have a big reception party when you and your spouse get back home.

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