We spoke with someone recently who had tried to convince a business owner to provide food at their corporate event. The business owner decided against it, had the event at around noon, and no one attended.

We can’t say whether catering would have made a difference to the attendance of this particular event, but, from our experience, we can tell you that free food is always a draw – especially around lunchtime.

That’s why we wanted to talk about the power of food – and how providing something delicious can improve the popularity of your upcoming company meeting, networking event, or convention.

Create Conversation (and Conversion) with Food

It may sound incredible, but studies have been done to discover if food makes a difference at corporate events. The short answer is “yes.”

Many event organizers assert that the food is something that sticks in the memory of corporate attendees. People remember whether the food was good or bad, whether it added to the experience, if the food was themed, and more. Memorable food can make a memorable event.

Another aspect to consider is when your event will take place. If it is an all-day meeting, the host should provide food to fuel conversation. Even if the conference is a short one, providing hor ‘d oeuvres can create a jovial atmosphere and help attendees get more done in a short period.

Finally, food can be a conversation starter in itself. By providing a unique menu, you can help kickstart networking or negotiations among your attendees.

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