Chef Javier

We often share about what we do at Mundo Catering, but it’s not often you hear from the chefs who take care of the magic behind the scenes. In our last “Get to Know the Chef” blog, we met Chef Sarah, and today, we’re going to introduce you to Chef Javier Baltazar.

He’s been a chef for over 30 years and is dedicated to giving you wonderful food and an exceptional customer experience, whether you come to us for film, wedding, or event catering

Let’s get right into the interview!

what inspired you to become a chef? 

“I needed a job! I started at the Hilton as a cook’s helper and just kept moving up the ranks (breakfast cook, grill cook, baker, etc.). Then, I moved on to a couple of other places and became sous chef and executive sous chef and restaurant manager. Cooking just comes naturally to me, and I love the challenge and that every day is different.”

what’s your favorite thing to cook? 

“I love cooking Italian food. But I also love that this job allows me to cook something different every day and develop relationships with the customers. They can make requests, and I will make it happen.”

what are your specialties? 

“Anything with seafood. Seared salmon, ceviche, and shrimp scampi are some of my favorites.”

cooking on a grill

what has been your most memorable experience as a chef? 

“While I was working at McMenamins, a wedding cake arrived in pretty poor condition. It was not pretty. It was late, and all the bakers had gone home. As I had baking experience, I was asked if I could help out. I used whipped cream to fill in the caved-in areas and added some piping. The bride was very relieved and impressed and even tipped me $100.”

what are your hobbies outside of cooking? 

“Soccer! I play indoor soccer, coach my son’s team, and assistant coach on my other son’s team.”

what is a fun fact about yourself? 

“I’m ambidextrous. I can juggle and sauté and chop with both hands.”

is there anything else you’d like to share?

“This job combines all of my loves. I get to cook and interact with customers. I also have a commercial driver’s license. I love driving my giant kitchens! No one expects me to be a good driver, and they are always impressed when they see me back my 36-foot kitchen trailer into a tight spot. I love when I have to think on my feet or when I’m faced with a tight timeline, a flat tire, or a broken-down vehicle. It just gives me more of a high when I’m able to pull everything off on time!”

Thank you for sharing, Javier! 

preparing food

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