Usually, Mundo Catering is behind the scenes, feeding the cast and crew of commercials, shorts, TV shows, and movies. This time, we are under the limelight! The nonprofit company Washington Filmworks asked for our help in creating a short video to show how much an incentive program here in Oregon has benefited our business.

In this short, the camera follows Javier as he explains how Mundo Catering has grown. You’ll see us loading up the truck, get a peek into our warehouse, and watch Javier cook in one of our trucks while talking about the 250 people a day that we feed, the trucks in our growing fleet and our wonderful employees.

Additionally, this short film makes the point that Mundo Catering has grown with the assistance of Oregon film incentives and encourages Washington to follow in Oregon’s path and bring the film industry north to Washington state.

We wholeheartedly support Washington Filmworks. Mundo Catering works in both Oregon and Washington, and we would love to see a thriving film industry throughout the Pacific Northwest.

You can view this short film below and get more information at Washington Filmworks.

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