Mundo Catering has been providing film catering for many years now. During this time, we have tackled many challenges and situations that have made us re-think and restructure the way we service our film customers.

Because of the many, many logistical hurdles we’ve had to jump, our team has set up a no-fail system to get the whole cast and crew fed on-time, from location to location.

Logistical Hurdles in Film Catering

Providing full-service catering on location to cast and crew means more than just showing up with a food truck and cooking food. We consider everything from food allergies to whether electricity or water will be available on-site. Fortunately, our catering company has years of experience in overcoming these challenges and handling logistics beforehand, so your cast and crew can be fed on time.

Here are just a few logistical hurdles we have encountered and resolved:

Moving from location to location between meals

Probably one of the biggest challenges for any film caterer, whether they are a food cart or a professional catering company, is to set up at the first location, provide a hot breakfast, then clean up and book it to the next site before lunch. This versatility is a vital part of the business, but can certainly be a challenge.

Providing a catering menu to a production with a tight budget

Filming comes with all kinds of budgetary concerns. Whether you are filming a short, a commercial, a television show, or a full-fledged movie, we have you covered. Mundo Catering can provide drop-off or on-site catering, depending on budget and need.

Giving cast and crew hot food when there are no on-site amenities

One production in which we were involved happened at the top of a snowy mountain. We couldn’t get our food truck up the slope, but we were able to ferry hot food and warming pans up to the top of the mountain, thereby keeping everyone involved fed, warm, and ready to return to filming.

Considering food allergies, dietary concerns, and food sensitivities

Providing specially prepared meals presents a very particular challenge when cooking in a small space. Fortunately, the chefs at Mundo Catering have a deep understanding of preparing meals for those with specific food allergies, including nut allergies, gluten intolerance, issues with lactose, and more. Additionally, we can create a menu to accommodate any dietary preferences, from vegan to keto. Often, our specialty menus are enjoyed by many members of the cast and crew as our goal is to create delicious food no matter the ingredient restrictions.

At Mundo Catering, we understand the logistics and time frames necessary to feed your crew on time, every time. Let us know how we can serve you! Contact us to schedule your consultation.