American Vandal is a spoof on the trending investigative documentaries seen all over Netflix. It’s pretty funny – and very juvenile. Next up on your Netflix cue is American Vandal, Season 2, which we got to cater!

There is a teaser trailer out there that is very short and sweet – and doesn’t give much away. While we can’t tell you anything about the upcoming show – we can share some tidbits about our experience on set.

Our newest chef, Gavin, had the opportunity to run the show on the American Vandal II set, and he did a fantastic job. He truly killed it with some absolutely delicious Indian menus – and a whole boatload of sockeye salmon.

Because Gavin was the man behind the mobile kitchen, Javier got to serve the cast and crew at the omelet station, cooking up fluffy omelets to order.

We had an absolute blast serving the cast and crew for this very funny show – and we can’t wait to see it when it drops on Netflix!

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