Whether you are planning an event, wedding, party, convention, or film shoot, catering is going to be part of your budget. As you juggle everything that needs to be purchased, it’s important to consider ways to keep costs down, without sacrificing quality.

That’s why we have provided this quick “how to” to help you reduce your catering budget, while still providing your guests or crew with delicious food.

How To Reduce Your Catering Costs

Whether you are on a set or preparing for your wedding, quality catering is an essential part of everyone’s happiness. However, food costs, the expense of on-site chef services, rentals, and more can add up very rapidly. Here are a few ways you can stay on budget, while still enjoying a great meal.

  • Get all of the catering cost information up front. Here at Mundo Catering, we provide a detailed cost breakdown so that you can make educated decisions about the food you will be offering and the catering service you’ve chosen. Additionally, we make sure everything is included – from gratuity to food costs – so you can ask questions before your event occurs.
  • Consider serving food buffet style. If you are going over budget, but don’t want to change the menu, it may be time to reduce the amount of waitstaff and instead focus on the food provided.
  • Get creative with the menu. An expensive meal like salmon or steak may be a bit out of your price range. Instead, think of foods that mean something to you or that may be more enjoyable to your guests. Here in Portland, you may want to provide a vegan menu or keep it weird by eating breakfast for dinner.
  • Finally, ask your caterer for ideas. It can be hard to discuss money issues with your caterer, but if you give us an idea of your budget, we can provide concepts that may fit with your event while also staying within your price range.

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