Catering requires an in-depth understanding of how to cook for common allergies, food preferences, and calorie requirements. At Mundo Catering, we take food allergies and other dietary considerations very seriously. Our passion and our business is creating delightful dishes that anyone can enjoy.

Catering for Allergies

Mundo Catering is a full-service catering company. We not only cater on-site at events, weddings, and film sets, we are often on the road with our film clients. That means we have a food truck unlike any Portland food cart. Our kitchen is mobile, but it is also set up to make foods in an allergen-free space if needed.

Food allergies can cause serious health risks – and that’s why we take them very seriously. Our kitchen and food trucks are set up to prepare food for cast and crew with common food allergies like lactose, gluten, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, soy, or specific fruits and vegetables.

We also work to design allergen-free menus and menus with alternative meals for those suffering from food allergies. The food truck kitchen is set up to avoid cross-contamination so that meals are truly allergen-free.

Our goal is for the entire cast and crew to enjoy the food we have provided so they can go on to have a productive day on set.

Catering for Diets

There are many dozens of diets that people are following right now. Some are lifestyles. These include vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians. Others are diets followed in accordance with religious rules like Halal or kosher. Still others are simply a means to lose weight or feel better like keto, paleo, or whole 30.

No matter the reason for a diet, we understand the need to stick with it – especially during work hours. That’s why we work hard to provide nutritious meal alternatives that work with most diets when we are on set.

If you examine our standard film catering menu, you’ll see that we provide options to fit most diets – whether the meal is a drop-off or we are preparing it for you on-site in one of our food trucks.

Are you looking for a film caterer that will take every dietary need into account? You have found it with Mundo Catering. Contact us today!