A new year brings new trends in every industry, including catering. Get a sneak peek into this year’s trendiest foods in the following article!

2019 Catering Trend List

Foodies from across the country expect culinary artistry in any meal. However, there are new foods and unique presentations that many customers expect this year. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Eco-friendly foods and presentations

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, trendsetters are moving away from plastic straws and cutlery and are looking for clean, sustainable, and often compostable presentations.

Multi-cultural cuisine

This trend has been on its way for a while, with customers celebrating delicious foods from all across the world by enjoying tapas, tacos, and satay. 2019 will see an expanded cuisine, with more Mediterranean and Asian foods. Some prognosticators say that food from the country of Georgia, which rests on the intersection of western Asia and eastern Europe, will be a favorite cuisine this year.

Hyper-local foods

Farm-to-table is still very much “in” and doesn’t look like it is going out of fashion anytime soon.  However, in the catering industry, serving regional menus with thoughtful ingredients are now called “farm-to-party.”

Unusual – even savory – donuts

Portland is known for its donut scene, and this fried food isn’t going anywhere. It even seems to have gotten a facelift as bakers experiment with savory ingredients in this traditionally sweet food. Keep an eye out for donuts filled with Indian-style potatoes or created with cornbread and pancetta. This new trend just goes to show that everyone loves fried food.

The humble garbanzo bean

You may have had hummus, but have you eaten a vegan meringue made with the water from chickpeas? With more vegans enjoying a wider variety of food than ever, chefs are getting creative with ingredients – including finding every way to eat a chickpea.

While industry trends are always fun to keep an eye on and inspires creativity in our menus, at the end of the day your taste is what is most important to us. If you are looking for a catering company that will listen to your needs and provide delicious, thoughtful meals, you’ve come to the right place! Contact Mundo Catering today.