On set with the Lumineers for Music Video production

15 days of Filming. 10 Music Videos.

While this may sound like a tall order for any catering company, our team at Mundo Catering didn’t hesitate to jump on board — especially given the fact that the order came from The Lumineers.

We were honored that the Grammy-nominated, local legends asked us to cater for their exhaustive days of filming. For their latest release titled, III, the band divided the album into 10 parts. Each song is subtitled Part 1, Part 2, and so forth. Part 3, or Gloria, quickly became a fan favorite after it’s release date in April of 2019.

For all 10 songs, The Lumineers elected to film a separate music video — and we were there on set for all of them.

If you are unfamiliar with Gloria, know that despite the upbeat tempo, the song is rooted in alcoholism, addiction, and the inevitable struggles that ensue from such afflictions. The song opens with powerful lyrics; a confronting plea to Gloria, an alcoholic: “Gloria, I smell it on your breath. Gloria, booze and peppermint…”

Despite the heaviness of the lyrics and the music video itself, we found this to be one of our most exciting and interesting projects.

Film crew on the set of the Lumineers Music Video Production


Catering involves a lot more than just food. The task of setting up day in and day out is no small challenge. For most of our events, we set up tables, chairs, and in this case, an entire tent. Speed is necessary, especially with so few hours in the day and so many mouths to feed. Luckily, we can always count on Javier:

We not only provided the food, but a 30ftx40ft tent as well. Javier got really fast at setting that up and taking it down.” -Sarah, Mundo Catering

Assembling a catering tent for the set of The Lumineers Music Videos

If you have ever imagined yourself catering to ‘the stars,’ or your favorite band at the very least, know that construction skills may be necessary. But if you’re anything like us, you don’t mind a little elbow grease if it means you can be surrounded by incredible talent, fantastic music, and good vibes.

Highlights on Set

In the music video Gloria, there is an epic scene where the two main characters are speeding down a dirt road. We won’t ruin the story for you, but you can watch the video for yourself HERE. On set, professional drivers took the place of the actors during the more intense moments. Here is what our owner Sarah had to say about being on set:

“We actually got to see a lot of the filming on this shoot, as we were so close to set. It was fun to watch the pro drivers showing off as they spun out on the closed-off road in Amity, [Oregon].” -Sarah, Mundo Catering


For die-hard fans, this next quote may be hard to read. Who wouldn’t want an exclusive concert performed by The Lumineers? Unfortunately, you will never find footage of this particular concert anywhere online:

“On the last day, The Lumineers played a private concert just for cast and crew! They even took away our phones to make sure no video or photos leaked.”

Private Concert in Portland


Every project and every crew has a favorite meal. For this cast and crew, one particular food proved so victorious, we brought it back twice:

“Mexican food was the hit on this show for sure. We made a taco bar one day the first week, and they requested it once a week after that.”

Tacos served on set by Mundo Catering

Challenges on Set

Of course, even working on set with The Lumineers was not always perfect — that is, at least for some of the actors. Certain days during filming were no walk in the park:

“Anyone that thinks film life is glamorous can think again! It was freezing cold and wet most filming days, but the actors have to pretend it’s not and push through. Some of them were wearing very little clothing. At least we can wear heavy boots and thick jackets!” -Sarah, Mundo Catering

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