Salmon Served at Catering Event

Different locations. Every day. For five days.

That’s what we call catering for the GMC car commercial! 

It was September 2021, and we ventured to Bellingham, WA, to take on this job. 

Now, we don’t always get to watch the filming in action, but on this shoot, we were parked in an ideal location and got to watch all the action. 

Yep, that included the professional drivers cruising on the roads beneath us and the takeoff and landing of the pontoon plane that brought Will Arnett (whom we got to meet, by the way!). 

One day, we were so close to the set that we could only make noise when the first AD yelled, “Cut!” While the film was rolling, we had to be very careful about every move we made. 

So, what was it like catering for the commercial? Keep reading to find out! Also, if you’re curious about the actual commercial, check it out below.

favorite thing about catering for the GMC car commercial

The views were outstanding–like nothing we’ve seen before. Think: snow-capped mountains and trees, lakeside in the middle of nowhere, and no cell service. It was somewhere you would never get to see, as these areas are usually closed to the public. 

The cast and crew were also so nice. They slogged through mud and withstood freezing temperatures all day but still had smiles on their faces. 

what we served

It was cold and rainy from day one, so we made a vegetable soup that most people chose over the salad. You have to keep your hands warm, after all! 

Some other popular dishes we served were salmon with an apricot gastrique and flat iron steaks with horseradish cream sauce.