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There’s nothing like a good action/adventure/sci-fi/thriller combo – especially as the fall weather kicks in and all you want to do is spend your Sundays on the couch watching movies.

If you’re looking for a goodie to watch in October, we highly recommend 65. It’s a fascinating story about an astronaut who finds out the planet he lands on is inhabited…by prehistoric creatures! We don’t want to spoil it too much, so if you haven’t seen it, you should check it out!

Fun fact: we actually had the honor of catering for the 65 film crew in Gold Beach, Oregon, back in January and February of 2021.

Today, we’re going to share all about that experience and give you a sneak peek into the life of a film caterer.

favorite thing about catering for 65

During the filming, there was a horrific ice storm in Portland that knocked down trees and created power outages that lasted longer than a week for some people. Our favorite thing about filming was that, since some of our crew was in Gold Beach, they got to miss out on this storm.

While Chef Javier and his crew were warm and dry in hotel rooms, Chef Sarah and her family were stuck in their house, with a power line downed in front of the garage and no way to leave until the ice thawed. It was freezing! We were grateful for amazing neighbors during this time – and some hero electricians from out of town who helped the overwhelmed locals.

something unique

Almost the entire crew was from Louisiana, and we didn’t know any of them! We got to meet so many new people, and they had very different tastes from the people we usually work with. The Louisiana crew cared less about dietary restrictions, and they were most excited about our biscuits and gravy. They struggled working in our Pacific Northwest winter weather, so they were grateful for lots of hot and hearty meals.

memorable experiences

It was a painful experience for Javier, as he was working with an injured back and cooking one-handed. He relied heavily on his crew to help him out. It was challenging! Shopping was also two hours away, so shopping lists had to be very thorough.

what we served

We served a different menu every day, but one memorable menu item included chicken and sausage gumbo. This was intimidating since most of the crew was from New Orleans. They were hesitant to try the gumbo, but Javier handed out tasters, and they loved it! Then, they joked with Javier, asking if he was sure he was from Mexico, saying he could have been from Louisiana!

celebrity sightings

We met Adam Driver and Ariana Greenblatt. They came to the window and asked if Javier could make soup for them because it was so cold. He made them a vegetable soup. The kitchen was set up very close to the green room, so it was common to get special requests at any time of day.

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