Planning a corporate event like a holiday party, networking meeting, or conference requires a lot of forethought and often an agenda to keep things on track. The Mundo Catering team has provided catering for Berg Electric, Bridgetown Natural Foods, Bob’s Red Mill, and more, so we understand what it takes to produce excellent food for a large group of people. Here are five things we have learned from our experience:

  1. Overestimate your headcount.

Unless you are 100% certain that a specific headcount will be coming to your event, get food and seating for at least ten additional people. Holiday parties often allow for a “plus one” and conferences, networking meetings, and conventions don’t always have a firm list. While you may feel more comfortable planning for fewer people in case you have a no-show, it’s better to have leftover food than for attendees to go hungry.

  1. Consider dietary needs and allergies when choosing a menu.

It’s so easy to add delicious gluten-free, allergy-friendly, or vegan options to a menu these days. The years when vegans had to stick to a salad bar or people with severe peanut allergies had to worry whether any of their food was prepared around nuts are behind us. Just let us know what dietary issues your guests may have and we will happily accommodate them.

  1. Think about when your event will take place.

You don’t want to commit a faux pas and only offer hors d’oeuvres during dinner time or have a heavy meal available after most people have already eaten. So, think about when your event is happening – and for how long. If it’s an all-day affair, you may want to provide more substantial food than a three-hour meeting.

  1. Ask about food preferences.

Guests and partners will appreciate your consideration of their needs if you ask about food preferences. You will likely be able to incorporate some typical favorites into the overall menu.

  1. Keep a close eye on your budget.

It’s easy to overspend when planning an event, so let your caterer know about any budgetary concerns when you speak with them. They may have great suggestions to help you reduce costs, such as providing a drop off service rather than full-service catering.

Are you ready to plan your next corporate event or company holiday party? Contact Mundo Catering today!