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what to expect from a caterer vs. a food cart | Portland, OR

Food carts are a booming industry, especially here in Portland. While we think food carts are pretty cool, Mundo Catering is not in the food cart business. You won’t find us on Hawthorne or North Portland – but you will find us in our mobile food truck, feeding cast and crew exciting and delightful menus on set.

While we applaud our fellow chefs and entrepreneurs tackling the food cart industry, we are always excited to define the difference between our food truck and a standard food cart.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The differences between a caterer and a food cart
  • The pros and cons of using a food cart for events
  • How Mundo Catering can take your event to the next level this year.

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    what to expect from a full-service caterer

    When working with an experienced film catering company like Mundo Catering, we already know the logistics required for providing hot meals in any situation. No matter where you are shooting your film, commercial, or show, we have you covered.

    Our food truck chef and crew can set up the kitchen, gain access to water and power, and cook to your menu all by the time the cast and crew trickle in for breakfast or as soon as the director cuts for lunch. Additionally, as we mentioned in a previous article, we can cater a menu to avoid food allergies and to work with specific diets.

    Finally, we take care of the little things. Once your cast and crew are done eating, we can clean up, breakdown the kitchen, and head to the next site to do it all over again before the cast and crew are ready for their next meal.

    At the end of the day, Mundo Catering understands the logistics and time frames necessary to feed your crew on time, every time.

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    what a food cart can deliver

    Food carts can provide a trendy experience for one meal – usually lunch or dinner – on a film set. However, there are a few reasons Mundo Catering decided not to become a food cart company. These are:

    1. food carts are stuck with a specific menu

    While it may be fun to hire a ramen cart, it doesn’t really work for a film set scenario where people are hoping to eat different food for different meals.

    2. food carts are used to having the logistics covered by a yard manager

    If a food cart has never gone off the lot and is suddenly presented with the need to set up their own water and power, put out appropriate trash receptacles, and more, they may not be ready with hot food when the director calls cut.

    3. most food carts aren’t set up to avoid cross-contamination

    While many food carts will offer a vegan or gluten-free option, their cramped kitchens are not usually prepared to avoid true cross-contamination. If someone has an allergy to a particular food used in most dishes, they likely cannot eat from that food cart.

    At the end of the day, our film catering service is fully equipped to provide hot, delicious, and appropriate food within a varied menu in almost any situation. We have traveled to the coast, fed crew from a ski lift in the mountains, and trekked out to the middle of the desert for a shoot. We’ve tackled film shoots in cities where special permits were required and out in the forest with no source or water or power.

    If you are looking for a film catering company that can tackle and resolve any situation to ensure your cast and crew gets a varied and tasty menu, contact Mundo Catering today.

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