Do you remember the last wedding you went to that had standard “wedding food?” Much like airplane food, there is a kind of meal that seems always to be served at weddings. Gluey risotto, overcooked chicken, and greasy sauce are just a few things that come to mind when someone says a wedding had the usual dinner of “wedding food.”

We don’t think the food you serve at your wedding should be taste like cardboard. Instead, your meal should be a joyful part of your special day. That’s why this article is covering some of the primary “dos” and “don’ts” when it comes to choosing food or caterers for your wedding.

Do: Ask your caterer if you can do a taste test of the food before your big day.

Just as you do a cake tasting, many caterers work with you to do a menu tasting for the food you plan to serve to your guests. Here at Mundo Catering, we provide our clients with the opportunity to try the food, create a custom menu, and discuss allergens or other foods that a couple would prefer to avoid. All of this information gives us the opportunity to provide our clients with the best meal for their special day.

Don’t: Just go with the package deal your wedding venue offers.

Many wedding venues will offer catering, but it’s not always required that you use the venue’s catering staff. If you aren’t happy with the menu or the quality of the food your reception site provides, consider using an outside caterer.

Do: Set a budget for your wedding meal.

Food does get expensive – especially if you are feeding a large guest list. Be sure to set your budget and discuss it with your caterer before your wedding day. If you aren’t sure what a reasonable budget is for your headcount, we would be happy to discuss that with you. Just contact Mundo Catering.

Don’t: Think that a smaller budget means you have to serve your guest’s terrible food.

If your budget is on the lower side, you still don’t have to settle for horrible wedding food. There are ways to cut the budget, such as having a cocktail style reception rather than a sit-down meal, serving the food buffet style, or choosing a paired down (but still delicious!) menu. You can also consider serving nontraditional fare, like breakfast for dinner or a picnic theme that would allow you to choose less expensive foods that your guests will enjoy.

Do: Include foods in your wedding meal that are meaningful for you and your fiance.

Your wedding is a celebration of the love you share with your significant other. We are sure some foods mean a lot to both you and your loved one – and we encourage you to celebrate that! If there is a particular food or a specific style of cooking that you and your fiance feel is significant to your relationship – don’t hesitate to let us know! Building a menu around foods that you love or that are meaningful to you both is just another way to make your lovely day even more special.

Are you planning your Pacific Northwest wedding? Contact Mundo Catering today to set up a menu tasting!