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Valentine’s Day Food 2021

It is hard to believe that Valentine’s Day 2021 is just around the corner! In an effort to help make 2021 better than 2020, we’re sharing feasts and treats you are sure to love this Valentine’s Day. Whether you are celebrating with your spouse or significant other, or family and friends, love is in the air!

To make sure that Valentine’s Day is as sweet as ever, follow the ideas and recipes below for the sweetest Valentine’s Day yet.

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1. Classic Cookies — with a Twist!

This Valentine’s Day, ditch the boring sugar cookies for something a little more exciting. Below you’ll find a great list of delicious cookies and recipes you can try this year that are simple and easy to make — but always exciting and delicious.

Make a batch or two — one for yourself and one for a friend! No matter which recipe you pick, you are sure to love the decadent, sweet, and rich flavors that are always exemplified by the season.

2. Cookie in a Jar Gifts

If you want to skip the baking all together and take it easy this season, you can leave it up to your friends and family to bake the cookies themselves instead. Although this may sound a little lazy on paper, this gift idea is a great way to save yourself some time but still offer a sweet and thoughtful gift to the people you love most.

With this particular gift idea, the sky’s the limit! Take any cookie recipe that you love and mix the flour, sugar, chocolate chips, etc. and layer them in a jar. Of course, you may want to skip the eggs and milk, but layering dry ingredients in a mason jar with a lid and decorative bow makes for a fantastic and memorable gift. Not to mention, this is a great gift idea if you are staying frugal this year but want to give little gifts to multiple people in your life.

Don’t forget to add a decorative tag that includes what ingredients are listed in the mason jar as well as instructions for how to make the cookies.

3. Drinks for All

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to experiment with bright colors, such as reds, pinks, and other feminine colors that may not traditionally be used during other holidays. It can be especially fun to play around with color when it comes to mixed drinks. This season, try one of the Valentine’s Day drink mixes linked below:

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4. Create Your Own Gift Basket

Gift baskets are fun to put together for those you love most. They are like a Christmas Stocking for any holiday. This year, put together a special gift basket full of treats, goodies, and other small gifts your significant other will love. Help start off 2021 right with some rest and relaxation tokens like soothing teas, fuzzy socks, and other fun self-care gifts.

5. Remember: Love is for ALL!

Even if you aren’t celebrating Valentine’s Day with a significant other this year, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate at all! Valentine’s Day is first and foremost about ‘love.’ Wherever or however you give and receive love — today is the day to celebrate! Make a basket of goodies to take to a friend, treat a loved one to delicious baked goods, or support your local bakery and have dessert delivered to those you care about the most.

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