It’s holiday party season! Now that you’ve set a date for the big event, it’s time to start planning your menu (or book a caterer, such as your friends at Mundo Catering!). 

The question is: what are the best things to serve at a holiday party? Let’s go over some major crowd-pleasers. We hope it helps inspire your menu creation!

5 best things to serve at a holiday party

Here are some of the top things to serve at holiday parties:

tenderloin, turkey, or ham

What better main entree is there than a beautiful cut of meat? You can do any type of meat you’d like. However, in the wintertime, some of the best meats to stick with are tenderloin, turkey, or ham. They add plenty of protein to a plate and give that perfect holiday season feel. 


Pinwheels come in just about every variation you can think of. Want them to be a hearty appetizer? Consider a spinach dip style! Looking for seasonal pinwheels that make you think of the holidays? Get festive with cranberries, feta cheese, and the works. The possibilities are endless!

cheese board

This is a tried-and-true favorite! Start by picking out a few varieties of cheese (cheddar, brie, mozzarella, etc.). Next, add things that complement those flavors (nuts, jam, olives, grapes, chocolate, etc.). Finally, don’t forget to include a good amount of crackers to balance out all the flavors! Your guests will love it. 

winter salad

Winter salads are refreshing, sweet yet savory, and versatile. Think of ingredients like apples, pears, pecans, butternut squash, carrots, oranges, pomegranate, kale, red onion, and feta cheese. Start with your greens, and add in a variety of fresh fruits, carrots or butternut squash, cabbage, pecans, and much more for a fresh new spin on a salad. Also, don’t forget a delightful Dijon mustard dressing or another type of sweet dressing to bring all the flavors together. 


No holiday party is complete without a dessert menu, and one of the easiest but most delicious things you can make is cupcakes. We recommend doing something more traditional (like vanilla or chocolate) and something fun if you’re feeling festive (pumpkin and maple, etc.). That way, there’s a good chance that everyone will find something they like. (And if you don’t like cupcakes, cookies and cake can be great additions to your holiday menu!)


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