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the best spring wedding trends for 2024

As a Portland wedding caterer, we have seen our fair share of spring nuptials, and in case you’re working through any last-minute details for your wedding planning, we’ve put a list together of some of 2024’s top spring wedding trends.

We hope it gives you some inspiration and helps this day be one you will never forget!

top spring 2024 wedding trends

Here are some of our favorite wedding trends this spring:

#1: pink and pastels

Many blushing brides-to-be are opting for blush itself rather than a traditional white wedding dress. It’s not that white gowns are out because – let’s be honest – they’re timeless! It’s just that brides want and deserve to make a statement with their wedding attire, and one of the ways they do that is with a unique-colored dress. It’s fun, fashionable, romantic, and just what the wedding called for. That brings us to our next trend…

#2: a different dress for every bridesmaid

When it comes to weddings, we usually see the bridesmaids wearing the same dress, down to the color, with the only difference being the dress size. However, it’s becoming more and more of a trend for bridesmaids to pick out their own dress within the wedding’s specific color palette and with the bride’s approval, of course! It makes for some incredible pictures.

Wedding couple at spring ceremony

#3: grazing boards

Gone are the days of traditional wedding food. One of the season’s hottest wedding trends is a grazing board or charcuterie board, donned with delicious cheeses, crackers, fruits, nuts, spreads, and so forth. It’s a delicious touch to your wedding that will ensure guests are happy (aka not hangry) during the ceremony. You can also serve it with the rest of the meal if you so choose.

#4: plants and wildflowers

This wedding season, brides and grooms are all about bringing nature into the wedding. So, don’t forget to stop by your local plant store to pick out some beautiful greenery and flowers (the more natural, wild bouquets, the better) to decorate your venue. You will love the finished result when the photos come out.

#5: fresh-air activities

With the rise of nontraditional ceremonies and outdoor weddings, you can count on engaging in some fresh-air activities this wedding season. Cocktail hour will likely be outdoors or on a patio, and after-party events are sure to include outdoor games, dancing, and other activities under the stars. It’s time to celebrate in the great outdoors!

#6: tents and twinkle lights

This match made in heaven turns any outdoor space into a truly magical one. Nature, combined with the ambient glow of soft twinkle lights and festive tents, makes us swoon for outdoor weddings all over again.

Outdoor ceremony setup for wedding

#7: heaping doses of humor

Whether you find it in wedding invites, table decorations, or reception speeches, an abundance of laughter is one of our favorite trends this season. As personal as 2024 weddings are going to be, they are bound to include moments of genuine joy and fun. With every toast, cake tasting, and first dance, we wish each 2024 couple joy on their wedding day that will last a lifetime.

#8: plant-based food options

Want to switch out the meat entrée for something plant based? Go for it! Plant-based foods are all the rage in 2024, and wedding parties are looking at creative ways to add more meat alternatives into the wedding menu. (Don’t want to go meat-free? No problem. Adding a few plant-based dishes to complement your meat menu is always an option!)

#9: eco-friendly choices

Local wildflowers and biodegradable confetti can add to your big day without impacting the environment. Another thing you could do to stay eco-friendly is to showcase a farm-to-table menu, featuring delicious, local ingredients. And why not send paperless or seed-embedded invitations for a special touch?

#10: dessert stations

Who says that your dessert options have to stop at a wedding cake? Give your guests plenty of sweet choices, and leave them smiling and enjoying their favorite goodies as they celebrate you. Better yet – add a theme to your desserts to make the event even more memorable.

#11: themed cocktails and mocktails

If you plan to serve drinks at your wedding, don’t forget to discuss a secret cocktail. Your bartender can help come up with an incredible themed cocktail that reflects you and your spouse-to-be and sets the tone for the night. Don’t plan on serving alcohol? No problem! The same thing can be done with mocktails, and they can be enjoyed by all ages.

Couple dressed up for spring wedding

#12: bold colors

Even though minimalist décor is usually all the rage, bold colors and maximalist décor is in this spring. Choose pastel and earthy colors if you wish, or have some fun with vibrant colors and metallic shades. You can incorporate them in everything from your bridesmaids colors to your décor to your desserts.

#13: flowery wedding arches

There are tons of things you can do to take your wedding up a notch. One of our personal favorites is a flowery wedding arch. You can order one from a company who rents them out or makes them, or if you’re feeling creative, why not make it a fun project and DIY it with your significant other? Your pictures will look incredible and something out of a storybook!

#14: drone photography

Yep, you heard that right: drone photography! Drones capture weddings beautifully, giving memorable aerial shots from every angle. Ask your photographer or videographer if they offer drone photography. You won’t regret it!

#15: personalized wedding favors

Give your guests something to remember the big day. From candles to soaps, cookies, chocolates, or tea, there are tons of options you could do without breaking the bank. And if flowers play a big part of your wedding day as with most weddings, consider sending a packet of seeds so that people can go home and plant them. It’s affordable, fun, unique, and the perfect way to kick off spring.

Spring 2021 wedding dresses hanging in shop

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