The Mundo Catering crew had a ton of fun during the 6 ½ years we worked on the set of Grimm. With so many new faces (literally, with the makeup on that show one actor could have a new face every day) and tons of surprises, we had a fantastic time working with the cast and crew of Grimm.

Working with a specific cast and crew for over six years means we got to know everyone’s orders and preferences by heart. However, if you’ve seen the show, you’ll know that we didn’t always get a chance to see a cast member’s face when they came up to order. The makeup department works very hard to turn actors into monsters – so that made things a little tricky.

Occasionally, these makeup masterpieces would wander up behind a team member while we were replacing food on the buffet – and it’s a miracle that we didn’t lose pans of food to moments of startled surprise! It was a blast to see what the makeup department would come up with next – not many people get to say they’ve enjoyed ice cream with a fully made-up and terrifying creature.


Monsters or not, the cast and crew of Grimm loved our pasta station. People swarmed the saute station and watched a chef as he or she built their custom pasta plate from a variety of pastas, sauces, meats, and vegetables. Nothing draws a crowd like flaming alcohol deglazing a hot pan!

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